Stephan Dube stands at the forefront of technology and design as UI/UX Director at ARwall, an AR technology company that has created the first frictionless AR display requiring no headset, goggles or smart device.

Driven by user experience and efficiency, Stephan manages large-scale projects by conceptualizing user interaction with ARwall’s flagship products - ARFX and AR3D. His contributions also include generating design briefs for prioritized concepts, managing design and UX for the company website and projects, implementing UI/UX procedural pipelines for the AR/Lab, developing user manuals, and advising brand strategy.

Stephan has over 22 years of experience in software technology, development and video games designing interfaces for triple-A VR/AR, console titles and mobile applications. Most recently, Stephan served as Lead UI/UX Designer at Survios, a record-breaking virtual reality developer focusing on immersive games and innovative technology.

Stephan earned his degree in Graphic Design from La Cite Collegiale in Ottawa, Canada, and studied Game Design at the National Animation and Design Center in Montreal, Canada. His commitment to education and mentorship led him to The Gnomon Workshop, where he currently teaches a course on Personal Branding and Identity Development.

Outside of his UI/UX work, Stephan enjoys watching movies, collecting art, cooking for friends and spending time with his dogs Behr and Betty.